Acting Apart

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve behaved in a way that you didn’t want to but you knew you had to? Yes you have. In fact you might be doing it right now. You do it every day at work. You slap a 2 dollar grin on your face and you behave … More Acting Apart


While this week’s thought might feel like a conversation for the singles, I want to encourage the married couples to keep reading.  If you do, I think you’ll find some refreshing thoughts about relationships and self, that are important…and let’s face it, we all know someone who could use some dating advice. Recently, I’ve given … More #RelationshipGoals


The honeymoon was great. Out-of-towners are back out of town. You’ve opened all of your gifts and mailed out the last of your thank you cards. The wedding dust has settled…now what? The time you invested prior to that glorious day you exchanged vows was all put toward working ON your pending marriage. It was … More NEWLYWEDS

Rescue Mission

Saving your marriage or relationship may be as simple as putting your faith into action, setting your pride to the side and doing what God is telling you to do. God wants to honor your marriage, but He won’t do it without your full and active participation. … More Rescue Mission

Grace Period

Let’s talk about car buying and the “cooling off” period that sometimes accompanies a car purchase. The cooling off period allows you time to return the car if you realize it’s not what you thought it was when you get home. Let me be clear. What I’m NOT saying is that marriage should come with a … More Grace Period

I Forgive You But I Don’t Trust You

In relationships and marriage there’s this misconception about forgiveness that tells us forgiveness and trust must come hand in hand in order to express full forgiveness.  In other words, to fully forgive you must fully trust. Anyone who has been in a relationship where trust has been compromised understands the struggle. You understand that trust … More I Forgive You But I Don’t Trust You